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Please take a few moments and read about how the 'Team' of Tricia and Imp came to be.  This 'team' is still growing together and making 'waves' wherever they compete.

This is a story of Arabian horses performing their most important function -- helping children become champions. The story begins in 1986, when concerned and loving parents brought their very quiet, shy, 9 year old daughter to Reid and Linda Sorensen's to learn to ride. It was their hope that horses and riding might be a way to overcome her shyness, gain self-confidence, and make friends. She began in private lessons once a week with Reid and then moved to group lessons later that year.

The show bug really did not bite her until 1991, when she decided to try a few open dressage shows. This was a family affair right from the start. Mom, dad and big brother John were there to cheer her on in any way they could. Riding Fago, an aged Arab school horse whom she loved, she competed at her first show in Elkhorn and took home a championship at Introductory level dressage. When that beautiful, slow smile lit up her face, we knew she liked being a champion a great deal.

Slowly but surely, she was taught that being a champion meant much more than a beautiful ribbon and a shining trophy. She learned that champions worked hard, as she and her family learned all about the clipping, bathing, saddle-soaping and stall cleaning it takes to get a show horse ready. At her next show, she won two championships, one at Introductory level and one for being the highest scoring rider at the entire show. The following week, she got a taste of the Arabian world at the WAHA B show in Waukesha. After that, nothing really stopped her.

She learned that champion is a way of life. She was taught that champions set goals and work to achieve them. This lesson was of great benefit to her as she continually set goals for herself and with determination, worked to accomplish them. As each goal was achieved, she set a harder, more challenging goal and continued to work on it until it was reached.

Her training progressed and her parents leased Exquissite, a purebred Arabian mare from Reid and Linda for two years. With Exquissite, she learned that a champion must develop courage and persistence to face the challenges a new and advanced horse brought to her. The sailing was not always smooth, as she was taught that a champion must not fear failure, but rather use mistakes as stepping stones to increase learning. A champion must grow, develop and stretch to new heights. So, she developed -- from Introductory Level, to Training Level, to First Level. With the sweat of July and the frost of January, Tricia, Linda and Exquissite polished the skills that won them Region 10 Training Level Top Five; First Level Champion, Training Level Reserve Champion and Champion Model/Breeding with Arabian Sport Horse; Training Level Champion, Junior Division; First Level Champion, Junior and Maiden Divisions and Reserve Champion, Breed with Great Lakes Dressage and Combined Training Association; four Outstanding Youth Performance Horse awards, all in Dressage, from IAHA; and Reserve Champion Halter Mare 4 and older from WAHA as well as countless blue ribbons. Tricia and Exquissite were selected to represent the Arabian breed in a Parade of Breeds at the Night of Dancing Horses at an open dressage show.

By now, the champion attitude was taking hold. She learned that true champions give of themselves by extending the hand of friendship and teamwork. This champion attitude was expressed as she took new members of the show team under her wing, showing them the ropes and offering them encouragement after disappointing rides. Her champion attitude which began with horses, spread to all aspects of her life. Quiet confidence was evident, smiles were common and friends were many, as she used her talents, experiences and skills to help others with whom she came in contact.

Continued progress brought Tricia to the need of a new, more advanced horse. PF Impulse was purchased from Patty Roelofs. New horse, new challenges, new growth. A winter of hard work brought a spring of good success until suddenly, without warning, the world turned upside down as big brother John, who cleaned stalls, welded feeders and cheered at horse shows, was killed in a motorcycle accident.

The saying, 'The outside of a horse was good for the inside of a man' was never more true. Thank God for soft manes that soak up many tears; for eager nickers and soft nuzzling, that say that there is still goodness in life; for blue sky and the sunrise, for green pastures and fresh air that say 'look up, live on, life is eternal'; for good friends that love and support. This young woman looked into her heart and pulled out more champion. Dedicating the 1995 show season to her beloved brother, John, she rode with tears of love and courage to a Region 10 Reserve Championship, where she tied with the champion; Top 10 and Top 20 at Youth Nationals and 5th place at the United States Dressage Federation's Region 2 championships in the Junior Division, against all breeds.

How did this success story happen? It has been said, "It takes an entire village to raise a child." It took loving, devoted parents. It took loving and devoted trainers. It took many loving and devoted friends. It took three wonderful Arabian horses.

So here we are. A child successfully raised to young womanhood. A child who has learned to dream and make those dreams come true. A child who has learned to love, to work hard and to persist with courage in the face of difficulty. A child who has learned that no one succeeds alone, that it takes teamwork and cooperation to experience life at its best. A child who has learned to have gratitude for the many unsung heroes who have helped her on her way.

This is not some fairy tale life, a life without problems or hard times. It is a life that faced obstacles, setbacks, and tragedy -- learned from them, overcame them, and kept growing and developing into a beautiful, young woman. This is a young woman who knows that real champions are not selfish, self-centered individuals, but rather individuals who develop themselves and then use their talents to help make other champions.

The ribbons will fade, the trophies will gather dust, but the lessons learned while becoming a champion rider will live on forever. This is what will help make the world a better place.

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