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In July, 1997, upon winning the First Level Championship in Dressage at the Region 10 Regionals, Tricia and Imp completed the necessary points for Imp's Legion of Honor from International Arabian Horse Association (IAHA). With this prestigious award, Tricia decided to have it formally presented to her the following year, at the Arabian show in June, at State Fair Park in Milwaukee.

For this presentation, Tricia and Imp performed a freestyle of Dressage set to the theme music of 'The Last of the Mohicans' film as well as Canon in D. After the freestyle, pictures of the award being presented were taken, and then Tricia turned Imp loose in the arena for a 'Liberty' where he 'performed' to the music, 'Let's Get Ready to Rumble'  After Imp's performance, all spectators were invited to share in a party that included lots of good food, friendship and good times.

Tricia also prepared a presentation speech that was read while she was doing her freestyle, which follows.

The International Arabian Horse Association established the Legion of Honor award to recognize outstanding horses. This award is presented to horses that have achieved outstanding records for halter or performance, competitive trail and endurance riding or racing. Thousands of horses compete in a variety of disciplines every year, but few reach the levels that warrant receiving the prestigious Legion of Honor award. In order to receive this honor, a horse must earn a minimum of 75 points in halter or performance classes, either at recognized Arabian shows or open breed shows. Class size determines the amount of points awarded for the placings and in some disciplines, it is very difficult to earn points.

We have the privilege of awarding the IAHA Legion of Honor to PF Impulse+.  "Imp" is a 13-year-old purebred Arabian gelding who has been shown in Dressage, Show Hack, Hunter Pleasure, and also Team Penning. "Imp" and his owner/rider, Tricia Ziebell, both agree that they love Dressage the most. Imp and Tricia have been a riding pair since September, 1994. Before that, Imp shared his talents with Patty Roelofs. Patty and Imp accomplished winning many first places in Training Level and First Level in Dressage. They also won Reserve Champion at Training Level at the Region 10 Regionals in 1992 and Champion at Training Level at Region 10 Regionals in 1993. Patty and Imp also had fun playing with team penning. When Trish bought Imp, they were able to show a few schooling shows, winning all blue ribbons and also a Junior Rider High Percentage award.

In the Spring of 1995, Imp and Tricia started out well, looking forward to a season of showing when without warning, Tricia's older brother, John, who cheered at horse shows, fixed horse feeders and cleaned stalls, was killed in an accident in May. The saying, "The outside of a horse was good for the inside of a man" could never have been more true. With a soft mane to cry in, and a neck to hug, Imp listened and in his own special way, comforted Tricia through some very hard times. Dedicating their 1995 show season to her brother, Tricia and Imp rode to Training Level Reserve Champion at Region 10 Regionals, Top 20 Training Level and Top 10 First Level at Arabian Youth Nationals in Oklahoma City, and Fifth place at the USDF Region 2 Regionals.  They also placed Fourth for the USDF All-Breeds award at Training Level, as well as many awards in IAHA, USDF, ASHAI, and GLDCTA, not to mention the countless blue ribbons at both Arabian shows and open breed Dressage shows.

In 1996, Tricia and Imp started riding in Show Hack and Hunter Pleasure, placing Fourth in Show Hack their first time out, as well as qualifying for Region 10 in Show Hack Open later in the year. They achieved Champion at First and Second Levels in ASHAI, earned their WAHA Legion of Merit award, placed First in USDF's All-Breeds award for First Level Junior/Young Rider division, and Sixth place Region 10 Arabian Dressage Horse with AHSA.  The fall of 1996 presented Tricia and Imp with yet another challenge. In November, Tricia had open-heart surgery. Again, through love and understanding, Imp helped Tricia overcome the trauma of the surgery.

In February, 1997, Tricia and Imp were both on their way to another championship season. In April, they won their classes in their first shows with scores in the high 60%'s. They also overcame an abscess injury in Imp's hoof, with him getting the 'all clear' from the vet the day before Region 10 Regionals. Imp and Tricia rode to a Championship at First Level the very next day. Other awards in 1997 include Reserve Champion at Second Level for USDF as well as Reserve Champion Arabian Dressage Horse for AHSA, and of course, earning the IAHA Legion of Honor award.

All of Imp's Legion of Honor points were earned in the various levels of Dressage, including Championships at Training and First Levels, two Reserve Championships at Training Level, as well as Top 20 and Top 10 at Nationals at Training and First Levels Dressage. These points were earned at the Arabian shows as well as open breed shows, where he competed in a discipline not very common to Arabians, and competing against larger warm bloods.

This award is for more than just the points Imp accumulated to reach his Legion of Honor status; it is also for being Tricia's best friend.

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