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In July, 2000, upon winning the Second Level and Third Level Championships in Dressage at the Region 10 Regionals in Milwaukee, WI, Tricia and Imp completed the necessary points for Imp's Legion of Supreme Honor from International Arabian Horse Association (IAHA).

This award is given to those Purebred and Half/Anglo Arabians who earn 150 points in either Halter or Performance classes, or a combination of both at recognized Arabian shows or at All-Breed Competitions.

All of Imp's Legion of Supreme Honor points but one were earned in the various levels of Dressage, including Championships at Training, First, Second and Third  Levels, two Reserve Championships at Training Level, as well as Top 20 and Top 10 at Nationals at Training and First Levels Dressage. These points were earned at the Arabian shows as well as open breed shows, where he competed in a discipline not very common to Arabians, and competing against larger warm bloods. Imp also earned a point for Show Hack.

This award is for more than just the points Imp accumulated to reach his Legion of Supreme Honor status. It is also for accomplishing something that many Arabians are just now beginning to realize ... that they can compete in a discipline that is dominated by bigger horses such as the warm bloods and they can do extremely well in that discipline. It has taken a lot of hard work, discipline and training by some great people as well as plenty of support to get Imp to this level but he has definitely earned his way. 


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