PF Impulse +//
January 3, 1985 - November 9, 2005















It was with a heavy heart and tears of sadness that I said goodbye to my dressage partner of many years, PF Impulse +//  (Gai Wodarczak x Mosari [*Tuhotmos]).

Imp passed away suddenly and unexpectedly November 9, 2005, while waiting to come in for his supper.

Imp was born in January 1985, and definitely did not act his age of nearly 21 years, but rather more like 5 or 6.

He was definitely a people horse, as he was always ready to meet people wherever he went - at shows, stops during travel or at home.

There was always a gentle nuzzle, perhaps a lick or even a nudge at your pocket looking for a treat.

Imp was there for me through the good and the bad times, being a shoulder to lean on, someone I could share my hurt and grief with, as well as sharing one of my happiest days -- my wedding. He was always there for me, unconditionally.

The list of his achievements is long, having competed at local, regional and national levels in dressage and Sport Horse show hack, at both Arabian and open breed shows.

He was reserve champion at fourth level and Prix St Georges at the 2002 U.S. Arabian Nationals, had numerous Arabian regional championships in dressage, earned a purebred Sport Horse show hack regional championship in 2004, as well as many USDF regional championships in open breed competition.

Because of his accomplishments at the 2000 USDF Region 4 Dressage Championship show, Impy was awarded Arabian Horse Associations' Special Recognition award, given to an Arabian for an achievement in a non-Arabian promoting event.

He was truly an ambassador for the Arabian breed with his gentle manners and his love for people, young and old.

He was part of the AHA breed spotlight at the Midwest Horse Fair for two years, doing a dressage pas de deux one year and a challenge exhibition with a reining horse the next year.

Impy earned his Legion awards through the Arabian Horse Association, Legion of Honor, Supreme Honor and Excellence, with his scores and placings at the various competitions over the years.

He also received his Legion of Honor from two local Arabian clubs, Wisconsin Desert Horse Association and Wisconsin Arabian Horse Association.

Imp is going to be greatly missed by me and my family, as well as others who knew him.

My most sincere thanks to Joann Williams, trainer, friend and rider, for all of her hard work with both Imp and I.  It was her hard work and riding that helped Imp reach that reserve championship at Prix St. Georges, not to mention all the coaching for the reserve championship at fourth level.

I would also like to thank Lindie and the rest of the group for their support at the shows, and for all the fun, and to Tammy and Greg Gray, for the great care they took of Imp, allowing him to stay at their barn with all the hills for Imp to run and play over, as well as providing Imp's final home, overlooking the peacefulness of the pond and being able to watch his stablemates in the pastures.

(as printed in the Wisconsin Horsemen's News, February 2006)



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